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November Seven UltraViolet

The N7UV labCam
The lab includes APRS, HF, VHF and UHF voice, the main server, satellite radio, etc.


The N7UV Mobile


APRS Station Block Diagram

The N7UV APRS Station, shown above on the left-hand side of the block diagram, has now been in operation for about 10 years with the same radios and TNC except for the year or so that it resided in boxes after the move to Arizona from California.

The station is a HF - VHF gateway with the alias of "GATE" on HF. Tuned to 10.151MHz LSB, the HF radio drifts only 10 Hz or so per 24 hours as it's in a very stable temperature environment. The entire station (including the ACARS) runs on a large deep cycle battery.

Average output power on HF is around 40w into a horizontal wire about 10" off the ground, oriented WNW-ESE. The SGC antenna coupler maintains an excellent match to the antenna. Generally, propagation is good during the day with a dozen or so stations received on HF, from the San Francisco bay area to Boston and south to the Bahamas.



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