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Publications (Partial List)
ZigBee Health Care Webinar ZigBee website Oct 2009
Is the Handset the Center of your Personal Universe? RF Design May 2007
Busy as a ZigBee IEEE Spectrum October 2006
Understand the ZigBee spec, from A to Z Industrial Control Design Line
CMP / United Business Media
Jul 2005
ZigBee Meshes with Sensor Nets EE Times, print and on-line 28 March 2005
UWB Plays Your Personal Theme Song Tech Online Magazine October 2004
ZigBee Vital in Industrial Applications EE Times, print and online
Meet the ZigBee Standard Sensors Magazine cover article (print and online) June 2003
ZigBee Prepares to Make a Buzz Next Year Wireless Systems Design, print and online Spring 2004
A ZigBee Home Networking Example Embedded Systems Computing, print and online Fall 2004
IEEE Standard 802.15.4 Embedded Systems Computing, print and online Spring 2004
Enhancing Wireless Productivity Embedded Systems Computing, print and online Summer 2004


Presentations and Panel Discussions (Partial List)
Current Issues in Technology

Moderator: Angela Miller, Chair, APTA Infromation Technology Committee, and Director of Programs, Cubic Transportation Systems, San Diego, CA

Dr. Jerome Lutin, PE (Consultant)
Jonathan McDonald, PE (Member, APTA BoD; VP, Practice Leader - Transit and Rail, Atkins)
Buddy Coleman, (Member, APTA BoD; EVP, Clever Devices)

APTA (American Passenger Transportation Association) Annual Meeting 2013, Chicago IL Oct 2013
Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics via Wireless

Moderator: Athena Polydorou, Director, Wireless Internet Development CTIA

Steve Brown (Snaptic)
John LaLonde (Boston Scientific)
William Cameron Powell, MD (Airstrip Technologies)
Richard Strobridge (Entra Health Systems)

CTIA Wireless I.T. and Entertainment 2009, San Diego CA

Mobile Health Care Track

Oct 2009
ZigBee Technology for Automation and Energy Management

Moderator: Benno Ritter
Eric Smith (Control 4)
Chris Neff (Comverge)

CEDIA, Atlanta GA Sept 2009
Overview of ZigBee Health Care   Connectivity Week, Santa Clara June 2009
The State of Home Networking   Embedded Systems Conference Apr 2007
ZigBee Technology: A to Z   Short-Range Wireless Conference Sep 2006
Short-Range Wireless Technologies   NI Week 2006, Austin TX Aug 2006
What Wireless Protocol Suits Your Application?

Moderator: Jack Shandle
Bill McFarland (Atheros)
Ray Abrishami (Fujitsu)
Mark Moore (Artimi)
Tom Houy (CSR)

Embedded Systems Conference, San Jose, CA Apr 2006
Integrating ZigBee into Wireless Applications Michael Keeley (Spirent), Richard Theiss (Boonton) Wireless OEM Design Expo, Reed Business Interactive 14 Sep 2005
ZigBee Wireless Technology from A to Z Moderator: Theodore Rappaport, PhD, UTAustin; Ahmad Bahai, Chief Technologist, National Semiconductor NI Week 2005, Austin TX 17 Aug 2005
The Promise of ZigBee, RFID and Sensor-Based Networks Larry Blue, VP RFID, Symbol Technologies
Glenn Allmendinger, President and Founder, Harbor Research
INTEROP 2005 Las Vegas 04 May 2005
Ultra Wideband in the Consumer Electronics Space   Video Networks Users Conference Oct 2005
ZigBee Technology   International CES Jan 2005
ZigBee and Ultra Wideband   WiCon Americas Oct 2005
The Future According to UWB and
ZigBee from A to Z
  ARM Developers Conference Oct 2005
Building Low Power into Wireless Sensor Networks Using ZigBee   Sensors Expo, Chicago Jun 2005
Ultra Wideband and Wireless USB Mike McCamon, UWB Forum
Liam Quinn, Dell
James Lansford PhD, Alereon
Austin Wireless Alliance, Austin, USA Apr 2005
Safety, Comfort, Control and Convenience - ZigBee Wireless Networking Bob Heile, ZigBee
Bill Craig, ZMD
Girish Apte, Figure 8 Wireless
Drew Gislason, San Juan Software
Venkat Bahl, Ember
CABA Connected@Home, Las Vegas Oct 2005
UWB and ZigBee and
ZigBee Alliance Overview

Brian Floyd, IBM
Dr. Luiz M Franca-Neto, Intel

Yoram Solomon, TI
Mike McCamon, UWB Forum
Harry Worstell, Vice Chair, IEEE802.11
Paul Manuel, VP, MarkIV Industries

International Wireless Packaging Consortium, Dearborn, MI Apr 2005
The Future of Wireless Frank Hanzlik, Wi-Fi Alliance
Ed Knapp, Flarion
James Orr, WiMax Forum
Paul Marino, Philips Semi
Bill Krenik, TI
CTIA New Orleans Mar 2005


Press/Analyst Quotes/Mentions (Partial List)
How Safe is Z-Wave? Computing and Control Engineering Magazine
Miya Knight
Oct 2006
GSPx Shows Multiprocessors to Meet Video's Challenges Electronic Design
Mark David, Editor
Nov 2005
Panasonic Adopts ZigBee via Freescale's Platform HomeToys Oct 2005
Chipmakers Gamble on Standards Wireless Week
Brad Smith, Editor
Jun 2005
What You Should Know about Ultra Wideband Automotive Design and Production
Kermit Whitfield
May 2005
Freescale Rolls Out Single-source, ZigBee-compliant Platform EDN
Jeff Berman
Apr 2005
Parsing the Future of Wireless Earthweb Datamation Online
Sean Michael Kerner
17 Mar 2005
Wireless Industrial Networks—Untether Monitoring And Control Electronic Design magazine
Louis E. Frenzel, Editor
05 May 2005
UWB Standard Takes a Giant Leap Forward CommsDesign magazine
Patrick Mannion, Editor, EE Times
09 May 2005
What You Should Know About Ultra-Wideband

Automotive Design and Production magazine
Kermit Whitfield, Senior Asscoiate Editor

05 May 2005
UWB Stalemate Mobile Radio Technology magazine
Lynnette Luna
01 Oct 2004


Events Attended (Partial List)    
NAME Location DATE
APTA Annual Conference Chicago, IL Oct 2013
RSSI Indianapolis, IN Sep 2013
IEEE 802 Plenary Geneva, Switzerland Jul 2013
AAR Wireless Communications Committee Montreal, QB Jul 2013
APTA Rail Conference Philadelphia, PA Jun 2013
IEEE 802 Interim Waikoloa, HI May 2013
PTC World Congress Orlando, FL Apr 2013
IEEE 802 Plenary Orlando, FL Mar 2013
IWCE Las Vegas, NV Mar 2013
IEEE Interim Vancouver, BC Jan 2013
IEEE Plenary Atlanta, GA Nov 2012
IWCE Las Vegas, NV Mar 2010
HIMSS Atlanta, GA Mar 2010
Continua Health Alliance San Diego, CA Feb 2010
Wireless Life Sciences Alliance San Diego, CA Feb 2010
IEEE 11073 San Diego, CA Feb 2010
International CES Las Vegas, NV Jan 2010
IEEE802 Atlanta, GA Nov 2009
IPSO Alliance Menlo Park, CA Oct 2009
CTIA I.T. and Entertainment Expo San Diego, CA Oct 2009
IEEE802 Waikoloa, HI Sep 2009
CEDIA Atlanta, GA Sep 2009
Continua Health Alliance Vancouver, BC, Canada Jun 2009
Connectivity Week Santa Clara, CA Jun 2009
International CES Las Vegas, NV Jan 2009
Continua Health Alliance Boston, MA Oct 2009
Bluetooth All-Hands Meeting Seattle, USA Mar 2006
ZigBee Members Meeting Milan, Italy Mar 2006
IEEE802 Denver, USA Mar 2006
CEA Winter Standards Forum Clearwater Beach, USA Feb 2006
HANA Members Meeting Palo Alto, USA Jan 2006
IEEE802 Waikoloa, USA Jan 2006
International CES Las Vegas, USA Jan 2006
ZigBee Members Meeting Hong Kong Dec 2005
IEEE802 Vancouver, Canada Nov 2005
ARM Developers Conference Santa Clara, USA Oct 2005
Wireless Connectivity Americas Santa Clara, USA Oct 2005
Texas Wireless Symposium Austin, USA Oct 2005
CEA Industry Forum Las Vegas, USA Oct 2005
CABA Connected@Home Las Vegas, USA Oct 2005
ZigBee Developers' Conference Las Vegas, USA Oct 2005
Embedded Systems Conference Boston, USA Sep 2005
IEEE802 Garden Grove, USA Sep 2005
Wireless Sensing Solutions Chicago, USA Sep 2005
ZigBee Members Meeting Schaumburg, USA Sep 2005
National Instruments NI Week Austin, USA Aug 2005
IEEE802 San Francisco, USA Jul 2005
Sensors Expo Chicago, USA Jun 2005
Wireless Connectivity World London, UK May 2005
IEEE802 Cairns, Australia May 2005
IWPC Short-Range Wireless Workshop Dearborn, USA Apr 2005
Embedded Systems Conference San Francisco, USA Apr 2005
IEEE802 Atlanta, USA Mar 2005
CTIA New Orleans, USA Mar 2005
ZigBee Members Meeting San Francisco, USA

Feb 2005

International CES Las Vegas, USA Jan 2005
ZigBee Members Meeting Seoul, Korea Dec 2004
Embedded Connectivity Summit Austin, USA Oct 2004
ZigBee Members Meeting Boston, USA Aug 2004
Smart Networks Developers' Conference Dallas, USA Apr 2004


Google "jon adams zigbee", "jon adams uwb", "jon adams ultra wideband", "jon adams ieee" (or misspell my name as "john" as some spell my name incorrectly...)

MOTOROLA SPS Wireless and Broadband Systems Group, Tempe, AZ
I've been at Motorola since late 2000, and have had a blast first learning a completely new business then finding some measure of success within that space. I'm the Director of WLAN/WPAN Architecture and Strategy for SPS's Wireless and Broadband Systems Group, and I'm based in Tempe, Arizona. Currently, the biggest influence that I'm having is on the chipset/platform for a new IEEE protocol called 802.15.4, and the network layer atop that standard called ZigBee, for which I'm one of the official spokespersons. There's other stuff in the works and a lot of interests - WLAN (both 2.4 and 5GHz), Ultra Wideband, Bluetooth, etc.

My Roles to Date

Director, WLAN/PAN Architecture, SPS WBSG
Director, Radio Technology, SPS WBSG Radio Products Division

Jet Propulsion Laboratory / NASA, Pasadena, CA
View of JPL on the shores of lovely Lake Hahamongna, with the majestic San Gabriels in the background

I was a REAL rocket scientist... Over 17 years of exciting missions, starting in the ground-based Deep Space Network and finishing my career as part of a team to develop and deploy the Mars Network. It was a truly excellent time spent.

After nearly two decades of building a lot of one-off, tremendously expensive (as much as $50 million) very cool things, I decided that it was time for me to be in a business where I could build (potentially) billions of tremendously cool, very inexpensive ($1) things. Consider it a transition to my "Eli Whitney" phase.

Major projects

Electra - The Red Planet's First Orbiting Repeater System 2000. (I named it!)
SeaWinds Scatterometer - Launched 15 December 2002
QuikSCAT Ground Calibration Station - Deployed June 1998
QuikSCAT Scatterometer - Launched 19 June 1999
NSCAT Scatterometer - launched 16 August 1996
NUSCAT Scatterometer (flown many times on the NASA/Ames C-130 Hercules)
SETI - The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - System Design for the "Million-Channel" Receiver
Phobos and Deimos - Rescue Mission for the Russian Twins
Voyager 2 Neptune Encounter
Voyager 2 Uranus Encounter

Major roles

Project Manager, Mars Network Payload
Project Manager, QuikSCAT Calibration Ground Station
Contract Technical Manager, SeaWinds/QuikSCAT Scatterometer Electronics Subsystem
Cognizant Engineer, SeaWinds/QuikSCAT Scatterometer Electronics Subsystem
Technical Group Supervisor, Radio Frequency Subsystems, 336 Spacecraft Telecommunications Equipment
Contract Technical Manager, NSCAT Radio Frequency Subsystem
Cognizant Engineer, NSCAT Radio Frequency Subsystem
Cognizant Engineer and Task Manager, Ka-Band Link Experiment (KaBLE) Ku-band Multifeed Downconverter
Cognizant Engineer, NuSCAT Radio Frequency Subsystem
Cognizant Development Engineer, Deep Space Network (DSN) Base Band Array (BBA)

Major Awards

NASA Exceptional Technical Achievement Medal, 1997

Freescale Diamond Chip Award, 2007, for efforts to ensure the success of 2007 Freescale Technology Forum
Freescale Standards Excellence Award, 2005, for driving Freescale's UWB technology as a global standar
Motorola Standards Impact Award, 2004, for success in developing the first IEEE802.15.4 products and markets
NASA Achievement Award, 2000, For the development, launch and operations of a new, fast (14 mo) from proposal to launch spacecraft
NASA Achievement Award, 1992, Outstanding systems operations planning and performance
NASA Achievement Award, 1986, Outstanding achievement in engineering and implementation
JPL Award for Excellence, 1999, Ground Station facility development, implementation and operation


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