Happy Chemtrail Conspiracy Day!

This morning I went out to get the car serviced. Wow, what a sky! Our quasi-benevolent alien overlords must be really busy today…

Appears that there’s┬ásignificant upper-atmosphere water content as it makes for an impressive day of long-lingering aircraft contrails.

Some very discrete trails near the sun

I also tried out the new “Panorama” feature on my iPhone, to grab a pair of 180┬░ views.

Centered on NNW
centered on SSE

Not all the clouds visible are from the contrails. With a little effort, it’s possible to separate some of the naturally occurring cirrus from the a/c contrails, but you can see places where the contrails have smeared out enough that telling the difference becomes more challenging.

Ok, gotta stop this post now. I think they’re on to me.

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