Wi-Fi Sniffing

I recently downloaded a copy of Vistumbler to my mobile PC. Vistumbler is the NetStumber of the 2010’s, and provides all and more of the features which NetStumbler so admirably provided in the early 2000’s. Since installing Vistumbler, I have collected more than 117, 000 APs here in the general PHX area, including a trip to and from Tucson in the mix.

The author is Andrew Calicutt of MA, and as an added attraction they also have a DB engine which can process the collected files and generate kmz files to display on Google Earth. Phil Ferland is the other major contributor / author, and together they’ve built a very nice system which allows us White Hat wardrivers to putter around our towns and collect Wi-Fi access points which are crying into the dark.

The link to Vistumbler is


and the link to the database is


So far I’ve been able to break the system a couple of times with all the APs I’ve collected. Without growing pains, you never get anywhere…%^)

Good thing that there’s plenty of breweries within range of the house to allow me to collect more access points!

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