WiFi in Phoenix Arizona
The Case of the Mysterious CSKPHX08

CSKPHX08 runs on channel 3 and has pretty amazing coverage of the southeast Tempe / northwest Chandler area. What its purpose is, I do not know. After some sleuthing around, I discovered that one end of the link is atop South Mountain (about 5 miles due west of the dense grouping of greenish-yellow circles) and about 1300 feet higher up.
The above map is a result of not only driving all the major north-south and east-west roads on the map but also some of the feeder and neighborhood streets as well. In other words, if you don't see a circle, that means that the signal strength at that point was too low for the sniffer to register.
There are several fairly large commercial office buildings and both an Intel and Honeywell plant just north of the intersection of Warner Rd and Priest Rd, but there were no particularly recognizable WiFi antennas (there were plenty of other antennas, though).
If you know something about this link, drop me a note.


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