Orion, Ursa Major, and Scorpius

Tonight, while walking home, I decided that these were probably the 3 most apparent traditional constellations that people could see.

I mean, Orion stands out. I’m not just because some movie production house took advantage of the obviousness. It really is an impressive constellation. Well I don’t know for sure, I am sure that in most civilizations people would have taken the bright stars in Orion and turned it into something that meant something to them.

Ursa Major, is another impressive constellation. Seven brighter stars, all fairly close in angle, and it really does look like some kind of weird handled ladle.

Scorpius looks wicked. I mean, you probably need to know what a scorpion looks like to appreciate scorpions, but the constellation really does have a great resemblance to a scorpion. Shaula, The stinger, it’s perfectly placed. Antares, the heart of the scorpion. Do scorpions have hearts?

Living here in Arizona, and even in California before that, there were plenty of scorpions around. So Scorpius really does remind me of its namesake.

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