A Looney Tunes Tribute on an FAA Plate

The statement, famously spoken by Tweety Bird, is immortalized on the GPS Rwy 16 approach for Portsmouth NH airport KPSM.

“I tawt I taw a puddy tat”

Spelled out over 4 waypoints on the approach!


And if one misses the approach and needs to go in a hold, there’s IDEED, as Tweety always(?) follows the aforementioned with the exclamation

“I deed, I deed taw¬†a puddy tat”

Nothing nearly as interesting here in Arizona, where we have lots of references to baseball, hockey, football, golf, desert animals and plants, and the weather.

And darkly and non-sequiturly, if the aviator approaches from the NE, they’ll have to pass through SATAN…

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