Canopus on my cheap webcam!

Here in Phoenix we’re fortunate enough to get a glimpse of Canopus every winter at it rises a few degrees above the southern horizon. Tonight, I pointed the $65 webcam atop the roof at the saddle between Camelback Mtn and Mummy Mtn, and waited for Canopus to ease into place.


There’s some thin haze and wispy clouds tonight but not too much. The neighbor’s porch lights are at the bottom of the image, and the ghostly rise of the palm trees across the street are visible in silhouette. From the camera, the bearing to Canopus is about 189.8° az by 2.8° elevation, a line that crosses over the east end of the runways at Sky Harbor and also over a lot of city lights.

Not bad for a $65 camera.


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