Mobius ActionCam

Some of you may remember that I bought a Mobius ActionCam and installed it in the truck just in front of the rear-view mirror, in order to capture my travels for posterity. That installation, way back in February(?), seemed to work pretty well. The Mobius is configured as a USB camera for the Window 7 PC built-in to the truck, and I use Yawcam to grab a snap from the camera about every 10 seconds, and store that to the hard drive.

This has been working fairly well until recently. The most recent stills are always available at , and you can even see one of the time-lapse videos “wardrive to/from the Peooria Artisan Brewery” from it at the aforementioned link. The time-lapse video is stitched together using the neat tool IPTimeLapse, which I highly recommend.

Sadly, the Arizona summer has not been good to the ActionCam. The black plastic case has suffered a bit being exposed to the heat and direct sunlight (even though filtered through the truck windshield and the extraheavy tint at the top of the window) and the internal LiPo (I know, shouldn’t have ordered the ActionCam with a battery, but with a supercap instead) swelled up and the plastic case of the camera was deformed by the pressure from the battery swelling and the high temperatures. This swelling caused the camera to come loose from its camera mount a month or so ago, at first I thought it was just vibration, but yesterday took the camera out of the truck and was impressed to see that the case was permanently deformed.

A few clicks later, I now have a ActionCam replacement case, an ActionCam supercap, and a nice 90 degree angle miniUSB to USB adapter cable on the way.  When this all arrives, I’ll finally do the permanent installation of the USB cable routing from the top of the windshield to the computer. Have to make sure to avoid those pesky airbags.


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