getting rid of teamviewer and its awful restrictions

I’ve been using Teamviewer for years now to remotely pilot my half-dozen or so Windows boxes that are at remote sites, mountaintops, and other places where I want to do radio monitoring, control amateur radio links, run weather stations, whatever.

About 18 months ago I started getting a regular amount of “COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY SUSPECTED” notices when I’d connect to one of my sites. Repeated missives to Teamviewer would sometimes get me back my connectivity, but it’d be just a few months before I’d be a suspect again.

Now, with my starting to really take advantage of Raspberry Pis everywhere, I’m planning on building out a VPN system where the router at home will be the server and the RPis in the field will be clients. I’m sure I can get this to work, but I don’t know (yet) too much about the intricacies (or even basics) of VPN connections.

I started working on this idea this past week but with the failure once again of the Windows box on White Tank and the subsequent loss of monitoring audio, replacing that became the higher priority. Now that that RPi is installed and working, it’s time to turn back to the VPN thing.

Should be cool and allow me to have all my remote radios on a private network that’s an extension of my home net.

More soon.

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