Rooftop Network Outage at Mi Casa

In case you’re wondering where my webcams and weather station have gone, it appears that I’ve got a local problem with the power supply to the rooftop from the shack in the house.

Up on the roof is a GigE 8 port switch, two IP cameras, an ancient Linksys WRT54G router to provide Wi-Fi coverage around the property, a Raspberry Pi and SDR USB dongle running as an ADS-B receiver, and a UBNT 5 GHz bullet supplying a link to another Bullet over on the roof of the garage, to get my local network out to stuff in the garage. In addition, in the box on the roof, there’s a 12 vdc to 5 vdc converter to supply power to the Raspberry Pi. All told, this is only about 20-25 w of power consumption, which at the fused voltage of 12 vdc, should only be 2 A or so. So I can’t see the reason that a 10 A fuse is getting taken out.

I supply both 12 vdc and 48 vdc to the roof via a cable from the shack. There’s a 12 vdc to 48 vdc 150 w dc-dc converter in the shack to generate the 48 vdc. Both that and the raw 12 vdc are sourced from the 12 vdc deep-cycle battery in the shack, through a single 10 A fuse.

For some reason, yesterday I discovered the 10 A fuse had blown. Not good. I replaced the fuse and it appeared to start working again. However, I see this morning that the cameras and wx station were last heard from around 0641 local, so I suspect the fuse blew again.

Looks like this afternoon will include a visit to the roof to see what’s up.


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