$2.5 M house in Phoenix – Primer in how (not) to price

Am always interested in finding a nice little place to call home – one with line-of-sight views to major mountaintop radio sites, plenty of room for antennas, and air conditioning (this is Phoenix, after all). There’s lots of tools on-line that are rapidly displacing the utility of real estate agents (one of the ultimate in middle men, along with car sales people).

Good views mean hillside or hilltop locations, and those often mean high prices. The sales pricing saga for this particular house for sale is darkly comical in its sales price adjustments, which I’ve memorialized here:

The last deed date is 2005, so it appears in early 2015 the house went on the market at $2.12M, then fluctuated wildly through the following 4 years, never selling. I suppose it’d be hard to buy a place the price for which changes faster than the value of the peso in Argentina.

And no, this is not even remotely in my price range. It’s just fun to look!

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