Tempe Amateur Internet (AI802) WebCam (facing N)
Tempe AZ Current Weather
Tempe AZ Weather Radar Loop
Scottsdale Weather at Equestrian Manor
Weather Underground PWS KAZSCOTT39
Scottsdale AZ Weather Radar Loop
Scottsdale Rooftop Cam (facing NNE towards Pinnacle Peak)

Google Earth Stuff (right-click and save, then open)

Longest Great Circle paths - overland and overwater (over land and over water)

Longest overland path

Path avoids all seas and oceans

Length is approximately 12915km / 8024mi / 6974nm / 116.1deg

Longest overwater path

Path avoids ALL landmasses visible to Google Earth

Length is approximately 31961km / 19860mi / 17258nm / 287.4deg

More neat Google Earth stuff

TahoeCam Current Location (not currently working)

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